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What to look for in a tech support company

What to look for in a tech support company

Make sure the company has a good reputation

A good reputation can say alot, in the industry, in the community, the reputation of a company can tell you alot about whether they will do a good job.

Ask about the company’s experience in providing tech support

Especially important in business to business support do they have background and the experience to get done what you need done.

Are They Insured to a good amount

Insurance is important especially when working with expensive equiptment or cheap equiptment along with onsite service. If the company damages something do they have insurance or the ability to handle the problem or pay for it.

Do they have an actual office or somewhere where you know where your computer will be

With an onsite or pickup company where you don’t know where they will be taking your computer when they are working on it or where it will be.

Ask about the company’s rates and payment options

While not the most important some companies might take advantage overcharge, not get approval on charges before billing and doing work, meaning you could get stuck with a 500.00 bill for a 200.00 computer.

Read reviews from past clients to get an idea of what to expect

Reviews are a good guage sometimes of a good company, but bad or quasi bad reviews are also a good sign even the best of companies can’t always make everyone happy 100% of the time.

Check and See if they have any awards noteriety

Having rewards from community, review agencies and other organizations are also a good guage of how good a company is at their job.

How long have they been in business?

Being in business for a significant amount of time is a good thing usually suggests higher amounts of experience and quality of work.

What to look for in a tech support company
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This is what to look for in a tech support company