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Slow Computer Do you Need Virus Removal?

Is your computer slow do you need virus removal? Alot of things can slow down your computer and all of them are gone over and taken care of with our free diagnostic and then our System Cleanup. The cleanup takes care of all kinds of things that. While doing our system cleanup we clear all the caches, run a 27 level check for viruses and clear them out. We repair and clean the registry, check the windows system files, defrag and clean the hard drive space. There are tools that offer cleanups and virus removal but our in depth cleanup is not automated and manually goes through thousands of files and cleans the system.

Along with all of this we do your updates and also general system maintenance. We can also add a antivirus software of your choosing or our monitored antivirus software. If you just want to try antivirus for yourself you can goto Avast

So the question once again is do you have a slow computer Do you need virus removal? If you do we can definitely help and we would love to bring your computer up to peak proficiency through either our system cleanup or you can sign up for our Ninja Help Desk Service and get unlimited cleanups all year long. You san signup here

Or you can call and setup a 1 time cleanup remote or in office, we recommend in office the first time for people local as it allows us to do the greatest job and do out of windows scans ect.

To download our remote software you can get it here DOWNLOAD REMOTE SOFTWARE

For more information about Techwarrior Technologies or to contact us you can do so here

We offer award winning service at a reasonable price and support residential clients all the way to publically traded companies. Let us be your tech support.

Slow Computer Do you Need Virus Removal